Portable Facial Cleansing Brush

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This Facial Cleansing Brush is built around the premise of vibrations. The inbuilt technology creates high frequency gentle sonic pulses 6000 times per minute that do a bloody good job at cleaning out your pores and leaving your skin fresh and clean. The vibrations promote blood flow to your facial region, and since blood is the substance that carries nutrients around your body, the massage leaves your facial skin properly nourished.

The brush itself is made of medical grade silicon, which is easy to clean, allowing your skin care practices to be hygienic and easy - as well is very comforting due to the soft nature of the silicon villi ( a fancy word for the little finger like tips covering the brush).

Suitable for most skin types with an Adjustable speed mode - our product has got your skin covered, literally! 

- higher frequency sonic pulses allow the removal of dirt, oils and makeup residues that block pores and create inflammation and acne - which we hate!

 - lower frequency pulses boosts blood circulation helps to reduce lines and wrinkles - to make you look more youthful and your skin more vibrant and luscious. 


A Quick list of benefits for this brush! :

- exfoliate your skin , getting rid of dead and old, flaky skin

- dilate your pores, opening them up to a thorough cleansing

- loosen up congealed gunk and bacteria that is clogging your pores

- gently massage and physically soothe your skin

- leave your skin radiant, clean and glowing after use

- promote blood and nutrient flow to the facial region

and most importantly,

- make you feel more confident after use, than you were before using

Think of it as an investment - you only have one face, one set of skin and its irreplaceable. If something that you want in the future is clear, smooth skin invest today for a healthier future where you can rock your face without the insecurities associated with botched skincare bringing you down.


 The Facial Cleansing Brush is :

- waterproof

- ergonomic

- rechargeable

- efficient

- made of easily cleanable silicon

- compact ( 8 cm wide, 3 cm thick, and 8 cm tall) 

 Comes with a USB Charger 

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